Exciting Stuff

There are two very exciting things happening in the next few days.  One is a surpise but it involves Annie, the dog that I rescued from under a house out in the country.  If you don’t remember her story, read about it here.  Stay tuned for the exciting news!

The other piece of exciting news is that Maggie will be starting Obedience classes on Monday!  Over the weekend we were at another Pitte Party and while we were there I got a chance to speak a little with the owner of a great local doggie daycare and training facility, Doggie Dayz.  She very generously offered for Maggie to attend classes for free! I am so excited to start working with Maggie in a structured environment (hey, I do my best, but with three dogs it’s hard to spend one-on-one time training) so she can take her obedience to the next level.

I love Maggie but she can be quite hard-headed when she wants to.  Yes, this is probably part of why I love her so much; she can be the canine version of me at times.  The classes will give us a chance to have good one-on-one time, plus we will be one step closer to my goal of getting Maggie Canine Good Citizen certified.  It will also give her a chance to be around other dogs and new people.

Meeting new people and dogs is so important in helping Maggie overcome her shyness.  She has improved a thousand times over from when I got her in May but she still has a way to go.  New people can still be scary for her and I want to continue helping her learn that really, new people are a good thing.  The more positive experiences and interactions I can give her the better!  It is my job to set Maggie up to succeed in all situations and these classes will be a great way help me with that.

How do you set your dog up to succeed?  Do you too always make sure to put your dog’s needs first and foremost, regardless of the situation?  And remember, stay tuned for the exciting news about Annie!

3 thoughts on “Exciting Stuff

  1. Morgan it’s wonderful to hear Maggie will be doing obedience with Michelle! Kahlua did too, and was amazing! It creates a special bond between dog and parent 🙂 Maggie and you will have a great time! Don’t forget to take her favorite treats!

  2. We are so fortunate to have a trainer of Michelle’s caliber in our circle of rescue friends and fosters! Can’t wait to hear how Maggie does!

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