Remember a couple of months ago when I talked about the “mystery” illness that my dogs had?  Well, I’m not positive but it seems that it may have reared it’s ugly little head again at my house.

“On no, not again mom!”

Let me start at the beginning.  Yesterday, I came home from work to discover that Buddy and Tag had helped themselves to some delicious trash (contents included but not limited to: salmon skin, coffee grinds, and egg shells) with the remains of what they didn’t deem fit for consumption strewn about the kitchen.

Now, you might be asking yourself “Why did she say it was only Buddy and Tag?  How does she know Maggie wasn’t part of the food-tasting party?”  Well friends, because Maggie is a perfect angel dog that would never, ever partake in such a naughty adventure.  Ok, that might not be exactly why.  Maggie was in her crate (with her Kong) while my two heathens had at the trash so I know that even though she probably would have loved to be part of the action she wasn’t able to be.

Buddy, pretending to be ashamed of himself.

What does this have to do with that illness though?  Well, I was fully expecting some upset tummies from my two dogs but instead it was Maggie, the innocent bystander, that ended up with an upset tummy.

This morning while headed to the front door to let the dogs out I noticed that someone had an accident in front of the door.  Then I noticed it was not what you would call “solid.”  After cleaning up I took the dogs out and since everything came out normal for Buddy and Tag I was able to safely deduce that it was Maggie with the upset tummy.

“Aren’t I cute? Surely you can’t stay mad at this face.”

I took a sample in to the vet this morning so that they could do a test on it and I have my fingers (the dogs have their paws) crossed that it was a fluke and not a repeat of our previous run-in with the mystery illness.

Well that was fun to hear about, wasn’t it?  Anything exciting happening with your pups?  Or (heaven forbid) anyone else experiencing this mystery illness at their house?


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