Gunner gets “got”.

Gunner, who looks eerily similar to Ace, is another pit that was down to his last couple of days at the shelter.  They knew that we (Last Hope Rescue) were working hard to find someone to foster him, so the shelter workers kept pushing his last day back, but even with their help we were seriously running out of time.  Last week we were contacted by a wonderful girl that said she would be willing to foster him for us.  This was what we had been praying for!

Today I went out to meet Gunner, check out his new home, and bring his foster mom some food, flea and heart worm medicine.  She was such a sweet girl.  She has three other dogs (all that she rescued!) and two cats.  Gunner fit in wonderfully with her “pack” and was clearly the happiest he had ever been in his short life.

Before he landed at the shelter Gunner lived his life at the end of a very short rope, out in the yard with no shelter at all, and seriously starved for attention.  As you can see in the picture below, he obviously endured abuse in addition to his neglect.  We suspect that the scars you see are acid burns.  In spite of this, Gunner is quick to give kisses and really is unbelievable happy-go-lucky.

If Gunner hadn’t gotten “got” by his foster mom, there is no way of knowing how much more time the shelter would have given him, though it undoubtedly was not much.  If I haven’t mentioned this before, fosters save lives.  As a foster all that is required of you is your love and attention.  Whatever rescue you help, whether it be Last Hope Rescue, or some other organization, really will provide you with all you will need to care for the dog.  There are always dogs in need, but rarely people willing to foster.  It’s a matter of supply and demand.  Sadly, there is much much more demand than supply.

Please, think about opening your home to a dog in need.  There are so many wonderful dogs out there, like Gunner, that just need someone to give them a chance.  And some love.  You can be the difference between life and death.  I promise you, it will be the most rewarding thing you have ever experienced.

5 thoughts on “Gunner gets “got”.

  1. Thanks for the write-up about Gunner. I’m the person who originally “found” him at the shelter. I was there taking photos of a german shepherd for Last Hope when I saw Gunner in the next run. I took video of him and posted it on youtube and every pitbull rescue and other rescue that I could find. After Gunner’s time was up, he was unfortunately returned to his owners. I say unfortunately because his life was at the back of a yard, chained up. The neighbor who called AC, even offered to buy a doghouse for Gunner, but everyone was upset about this outcome.

    Fast forward to about a month later and I found Gunner was back at AC – this time his owners didn’t want him. I rushed right over to AC with the intent of fostering him but as it turned out he seemed very interested in the cats when I took him in the cat room. I have 6 cats and a recently adopted dog (the same weekend you fostered Maggie) that has issues with cats and although I understand that Gunner is ok with cats now, I didn’t feel that I could risk it then. My adopted dog, Peanut has been coming along so well with her cat issues. With a heavy hear, I called Angela and decided I shouldn’t foster Gunner. I have lost much sleep over Gunner – I know firsthand how sweet he is AND I felt it was my personal responsibility to help him, given the circumstances. Bonnie (of Wakulla AC) assured me that Last Hope would intervene, but since the beginning I have been trying everything I knew to help him.

    I am so glad Dezirae stepped in and fostered him. And I am so grateful to Last Hope for taking on Gunner, Without the help of all the people involved, this happy outcome would not have been possible, You are right about fostering and I want to thank you for getting the word out. Your blogs are nothing short of amazing and I love the photos of Gunner. How could anyone not love him? Thank you so much for putting his story out.

    • Hi Cheryl! I vividly remember the video that you took and it haunted me up until I heard that Gunner was finally getting out. We ALL put a lot of work into saving Gunner, probably the most of any dog that I have ever been part of. He really is a special boy, obviously the Man upstairs wanted him to get a chance at a real life, in a real home, with real love. Thank you so so much for finding him and working so hard to get him saved!

      Thanks for your kind words about my blog too! Writing really isn’t my forte but if it changes even one mind then it’s totally worth it. If you “follow” me you will get emails when I do new posts and then you can spread them around to help get the word out. (Look at me, shamelessly self-promoting lol) Thanks Cheryl for everything!

      • You should be promoting yourself! I’m not the first person to say you write VERY WELL. You do. I have been following your blogs – starting with the one the weekend you fostered Maggie. That was of special interest to me since I was introducing Peanut to my other two dogs at the very same time. I learned a few things by reading your blog about introducing a new pack member. Keep it up!

  2. M, Very happy for Gunner, great write up on him, and hope his future is as bright as yours is as a very proficient writer. Keep up the VERY GOOD work you are doing. Your Mom too.


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