Awesome Ace

I would like to apologize in advance for the awful red eye in all of these pictures you are about to see.  They were hastily taken in an attempt to capture some awesome moments. 

So, remember that dog I was talking about, Ace?  The one I promised I would find some good humans for?  Well this girl takes those kinds of promises quite seriously.  Today was the day I took him to his people!  Well…kind of.  I took him to his grandma’s house while his new mom gets settled into her new house.

Behind the counter at the vet’s office, excited to get on the road!

Once Ace got to the vet they realized that he had been messing with his stitches, tore them open, and gotten an infection.  Now, of course we aren’t happy about this but fortunately it’s an easy fix: hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, and The Cone of Shame!

“No, not The Cone of Shame!”

Once we got outside he promptly wiggled it right off his head.

You won this battle Ace, but we will win the war.

After we walked around some (Ace had some “business” to attend to before getting to his new home) we hopped in the car and hit the road.  We had to go to a very specific store to buy the type of food that Ace was used to eating.  His awesome new mom insisted that he only have the best, and she was not going to even entertain the idea of him eating something he wasn’t used to and getting an upset tummy.  In my book, there is no better sign of a wonderful dog mom than someone that cares about these kinds of things.  I was more than happy to oblige.

In typically pittie fashion, Ace felt the need to be right in the middle of the action, and we had a bit of a hard time keeping him in the back.  Not to worry though, he helped navigate the rainy roads.

Once we got to his new place Ace went right on in and got to business introducing himself to the new people.  I could write a novel about how wonderful the family is but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.  They have had pits their entire life, rescued them from rougher situations than Ace came from, and just love dogs in general.  Basically, they ROCK!  I would give anything for the world to be graced with more people like them.

Anyways, I went over as much about him as I knew, answered the few questions they had, and watched him get to know his new place.  Of course, I wanted to make sure that they were aware of how vicious he was, so I stuck my hands in his mouth and sure enough, he attacked.  Oh wait…no he didn’t!

This is seriously the biggest lover I think I have ever met.  It’s pretty clear why the people at the shelter just couldn’t bring themselves to put him down.  He’s perfect!

Thanks to my mom for joining me tonight and capturing these pictures (even if Ace has evil-eye in them).  And an even bigger thanks to the seriously awesome, wonderful, perfect family that is now giving Ace the love he deserves!

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