Failure? Who you callin a Failure?

If you know anyone that is in any way related to the world of rescuing animals you have probably heard the term “Foster Failure” thrown around.  Some say it with a laugh and most say it with pride.  Why?  Because that “foster failure” stumbled upon a secret.

The dog they were only suppose to have for a short time, until it found it’s permanent (or furrever) home, was actually meant for them.  Through some twist of fate, higher power, divine intervention, or whatever you want to call, they ended up fostering a dog that was actually meant for them.  It’s like they got to be part of some super cool club without even trying.

I think “failing” happens for a wide variety of reasons but usually it all boils down to something just clicking.  Maybe the dog reminded them of a dog they had in the past and loved dearly.  Maybe it was the silliest dog they have ever met and couldn’t bear to see it go.  Maybe they become so protective over the dog they decided no home would be good enough for it but theirs.  Maybe the dog gets along so well with their current dogs that they couldn’t imagine breaking up the pack.

Or, if they’re like me, it’s a combination of the above.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still hoping that the perfect family comes along for Maggie so that I can continue fostering but if that doesn’t happen soon I will be joining the “foster failure” club too.  And I’ll be doing it with pride.

Know any particularly funny or awesome “foster failure” stories?  I’d love to hear them!

5 thoughts on “Failure? Who you callin a Failure?

    • Oh boy, I have been there. I was dead set against it, but I obviously ended up “failing” anyways. Ultimately you will know what the right thing to do is. And if the right thing is for you to keep your sweet foster boy, that’s okay and don’t let anyone tell you different! And I hope you aren’t judging me too hard if you’re reading from the start. I’ve gone back and read some of the older things I wrote and cringed lol

      • I love your posts. They make me laugh. I’m finally delving more into the rescue world and it feels amazing. Koa has been such a breath of fresh air for our family. He’s helping Trixie to be able to trust again after the “girl dogs” incident. It’s been amazing to see her little by little trusting him. Part of it is he’s a confident dog but he’s not aggressive/just super playful. He can be a little overbearing when they play and she will run in to her crate when it gets to be too much and he leaves her alone. Now they will romp and I love seeing how much more her tail wags.

        He’s also very therapeutic for my husband. He sleeps on hubby’s chest and just seeing how excited Koa gets when hubby comes home puts a giant smile on his face.


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