Houston, we have saved the kitties…and found a dog.

After searching, calling, emailing, and praying for the last week I finally found a rescue that was able to take in the kittens that were found!

While it was fun having these little fuzzies at my house to play with, it is a huge relief to have found somewhere for them to go.  Maggie (who is still available for adoption!) was being tormented out of her mind by them.  She would sit and stare at the door that the kittens were behind for hours straight.  She wanted to eat play with them so bad!  If I put her in my bedroom while playing with them this was her reaction:

On a different note, because I can never take a breathe it seems, a friend found a little dog here in town.  She is the sweetest thing ever, weighs about 35lbs and gets along beautifully with his dogs (where she is staying until we find her family).  If you recognize her please let me know, we would like to reunite her with her family as soon as possible!  Here is the little cutie:

It seems my blog that was suppose to be about fostering has turned more into a blog about my adventures trying to rescue animals in general.  It is truly baffling how many animals there are roaming the streets or in shelters that die every single day.  I know I wasn’t as aware of it before I got so involved in rescue but I still don’t understand how there are so many people out there continuing to backyard breed and add to the already extreme over-population problem.  How do they not know about how bad it is?  And what I really don’t understand are the people that contact our rescue that want to give up their dog.  It’s heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time.  I actually have to call a person back right now that is trying to get us to take their dog.  This is by far my least favorite thing to do.  Sigh–someone’s gotta do it, right?

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