Baby Kittens too?

That’s right folks, now I’m on to caring for baby kittens.  I swear, I don’t go looking for more animals, they just find me!

Ok, so here’s how it happened.  This morning I get a call from a friend asking if the rescue I help with can take in 3 baby kittens.  They were found in a cage behind a Chinese restaurant here in town and her dog does not do well with cats so she needed somewhere to take them.  I explained that the rescue really can’t take them in, there is no one that can foster them, but that I would try and help.

Next thing I know she is standing in my office with a box of the cutest little kittens I’ve ever seen!

While she drove around town to various vet offices that might be able to help I got on the phone and starting calling people and also emailing every organization I could find.  So far, no luck, but I am hopeful that I will hear back from someone soon that can foster these babies until they get adopted.

In the mean time, I will have an incredibly full and ill equipped house.  Since two of my three dogs are not “cat friendly” the kittens will have to stay in my spare bedroom until I can find someone that wants to adopt/foster them.  If you happen to know of anyone in the market for some adorable little kitties (two black ones and a brown one that has a bobtail – all are super fluffy and have beautiful blue eyes) please please please send them my way!  And please, don’t turn me over to the hoarding authorities–I swear, I won’t take in any more for awhile.

2 thoughts on “Baby Kittens too?

    • I’ll have to keep them in separate rooms. The alternative is taking them to the shelter where they will probably be put down. I have contacted literally every place in town and no one can help so what choice do I have?


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