Montage of Maggie

Maggie is still a little camera shy but when I just have my phone out I am able to sometimes snap a few quick pictures.  She is just such a goof and, in hopes of trying to help others see that, I am going to share some of my not-so-great phone pictures.  Excited for a montage of Maggie?  Here goes!

Sometimes she is sweet and snuggly:

Sometimes she goes for car rides with friends:

Sometimes she lays like a frog:

Sometimes she is a wrestling champ:

Lots of times she lays ON Buddy or Tag:

She is also very modest:

And sometimes, Maggie is just plain evil:

Wasn’t that fun?  These are just a sampling of the many sides of Maggie I get to see on a daily basis.

She fits in so well with my two dogs that it’s hard to imagine not having her around if she were to get adopted but there are also so many dogs that need foster homes that I am still hoping someone perfect will come in and swoop up Maggie.  Sure, I’ll miss her goofiness (that’s a word, right?) but I also want to save so many more and right now four is probably a little too many for my small space.  Cross your fingers that someone great comes along for Maggie.  Or better yet, share her story with some friends.  You just never know when someone might be looking for a pint sized pittie like my Maggie!

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