Awesome Ace

I would like to apologize in advance for the awful red eye in all of these pictures you are about to see.  They were hastily taken in an attempt to capture some awesome moments. 

So, remember that dog I was talking about, Ace?  The one I promised I would find some good humans for?  Well this girl takes those kinds of promises quite seriously.  Today was the day I took him to his people!  Well…kind of.  I took him to his grandma’s house while his new mom gets settled into her new house.

Behind the counter at the vet’s office, excited to get on the road!

Once Ace got to the vet they realized that he had been messing with his stitches, tore them open, and gotten an infection.  Now, of course we aren’t happy about this but fortunately it’s an easy fix: hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, and The Cone of Shame!

“No, not The Cone of Shame!”

Once we got outside he promptly wiggled it right off his head.

You won this battle Ace, but we will win the war.

After we walked around some (Ace had some “business” to attend to before getting to his new home) we hopped in the car and hit the road.  We had to go to a very specific store to buy the type of food that Ace was used to eating.  His awesome new mom insisted that he only have the best, and she was not going to even entertain the idea of him eating something he wasn’t used to and getting an upset tummy.  In my book, there is no better sign of a wonderful dog mom than someone that cares about these kinds of things.  I was more than happy to oblige.

In typically pittie fashion, Ace felt the need to be right in the middle of the action, and we had a bit of a hard time keeping him in the back.  Not to worry though, he helped navigate the rainy roads.

Once we got to his new place Ace went right on in and got to business introducing himself to the new people.  I could write a novel about how wonderful the family is but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.  They have had pits their entire life, rescued them from rougher situations than Ace came from, and just love dogs in general.  Basically, they ROCK!  I would give anything for the world to be graced with more people like them.

Anyways, I went over as much about him as I knew, answered the few questions they had, and watched him get to know his new place.  Of course, I wanted to make sure that they were aware of how vicious he was, so I stuck my hands in his mouth and sure enough, he attacked.  Oh wait…no he didn’t!

This is seriously the biggest lover I think I have ever met.  It’s pretty clear why the people at the shelter just couldn’t bring themselves to put him down.  He’s perfect!

Thanks to my mom for joining me tonight and capturing these pictures (even if Ace has evil-eye in them).  And an even bigger thanks to the seriously awesome, wonderful, perfect family that is now giving Ace the love he deserves!

A Pittie-ful Weekend

This has been one of those weekends that makes me love being involved in rescue stuff.  So many different things happened for the right reasons, with the right people, at the right time–all with the kind of outcome I love.

It started with an adoption on Friday night.  A sweet little dog named Ember needed to be taken to the home of a potential adopter for a weekend “trial” before she was officially adopted.  The family was incredibly sweet, had a beautiful home, a gigantic yard, and most of all was really excited to be getting her.  I picked Ember up after work on Friday and we drove out to Monticello where I spent some time getting to know the family and then left Ember.  The next day I received this picture from Ember’s new mom:

Wiggle wiggle wiggle!

Yay for sweet Ember!

Saturday morning Rich and I woke up and got right on the road.  We were headed to Chipley (where Dash came from!) to help with a transport to Tallahassee.  Rich was so excited and kept saying “It’s like an adventure, an adventure to save some lives!  It’s like we are real life super heros!”  How sweet is he?  After we finally found the place we started helping to load dogs up in the cars and finally got the two that we would be transporting.  One was a super duper cute little puppy, Dutchess, and the other was an older Cocker Spaniel named Precious because, well, she was!

Before we left I saw a dog that I was immediately drawn to.  I spent some time talking to him and fell in love.  His name was Ace and he wasn’t getting taken on this transport trip, no one wanted him, but before I left I promised him I would find him some people that would love him to pieces.  Just wait–this story doesn’t end here.

Soon after we left Dutchess fell asleep and Precious spent the ride snuggling as much as she could with Rich.  She was quite the little love.  We got to Tallahassee and met the next “leg” of the transport where Precious’s new owner also met us.  She was SO excited to be getting Precious and just kept thanking us for getting Precious to her.  She was already in love with her and it was the best feeling knowing that we helped unite them.  The little pup was headed farther down south to a rescue group.

Right after we had the dogs situated we raced back across town so that I could pick up Maggie.  We had a Pittie Party to attend!  I was so excited because the event was all about  positively promoting the pit bull breed which, as you might have already guessed, I’m all for!  It was great, there were lots of people, lots of dogs, and lots and lots of positive interactions!  Katelyn, the incredibly awesome and passionate pittie lover that organized the event put a lot of work into the event and it showed.  Her dog Jango was like the ambassador for the event and he was absolutely wonderful with all the dogs there, including Maggie who was very uncertain about the whole thing at first.

Maggie and Jango, fast friends thanks to Jango’s patience and good manners.

Jango was such a good boy and patiently waited and let Maggie approach him and check him out.  At first she didn’t like when the dogs approached her head on but after Jango let her “sniff him out” she seemed to realize that everyone was friends and even relaxed enough to play with some of the other dogs AND let some new people pet her.  It may seem insignificant but for Maggie to let a stranger pet her is a big step in the right direction; it’s a very big deal!

A new human friend for Maggie.

There were tons of beautiful dogs and many of them were pros at the agility course Katelyn set up for everyone.  Here are just a few:

Gucci sitting pretty for a treat.

Doogan running through the tunnel like a good boy.

Handsome Zeus.

Dakota contemplating the tunnel. He was more interested in getting loved on by everyone!

So, as you can see there were tons of beautiful dogs, all incredibly loved by their proud owners.  The next event is already scheduled and Maggie and I can’t wait to go!

A tired but very happy Maggie on the way home.

Sunday started with me determined to follow through on my promise to find Ace his very own human to love him.  I contacted a friend of my mom’s who I knew had a deep love for pits and, after losing her dog to cancer, was ready for a new one.  She is getting ready to move in to a new house next weekend so she wanted to wait until that was settled but I contacted her and told her about Ace anyways.  Turns out he sounded exactly like what she was looking for and she said “Let’s do it!  We want him!”  So, after making phone call after phone call, going back and forth on plans, and coordinating like crazy I was finally able to nail it all down.

Ace, he doesn’t know it but he is the luckiest dog alive right now.

Ace had been on doggie death row for a while but a compassionate lady at the shelter knew he was special and kept “shuffling around” and “losing” his paperwork to buy him another week here and another week there.  Because of this we were under a time crunch so I needed to get Ace out fast.  On Wednesday a volunteer is going to drive him to Tallahassee and leave him at our vet’s office where he will get checked out and microchipped.  After work I will be picking Ace up (I’m so excited!) and driving him to his new mom’s mom’s house–his grandma’s house if you will.  He will be staying there through the weekend so that his new mom can get settled in to her new house and he doesn’t have to be stressed with all of the moving.  By this time next week Ace will be in his new home where he will be loved like crazy.

I am completely in awe that I managed to make this happen at all, let alone so quickly.  Maybe it’s not in the grand scheme of my entire life, but this sure feels like my biggest accomplishment.  This has been one of the best weekends I have had in as long as I can remember.

Failure? Who you callin a Failure?

If you know anyone that is in any way related to the world of rescuing animals you have probably heard the term “Foster Failure” thrown around.  Some say it with a laugh and most say it with pride.  Why?  Because that “foster failure” stumbled upon a secret.

The dog they were only suppose to have for a short time, until it found it’s permanent (or furrever) home, was actually meant for them.  Through some twist of fate, higher power, divine intervention, or whatever you want to call, they ended up fostering a dog that was actually meant for them.  It’s like they got to be part of some super cool club without even trying.

I think “failing” happens for a wide variety of reasons but usually it all boils down to something just clicking.  Maybe the dog reminded them of a dog they had in the past and loved dearly.  Maybe it was the silliest dog they have ever met and couldn’t bear to see it go.  Maybe they become so protective over the dog they decided no home would be good enough for it but theirs.  Maybe the dog gets along so well with their current dogs that they couldn’t imagine breaking up the pack.

Or, if they’re like me, it’s a combination of the above.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still hoping that the perfect family comes along for Maggie so that I can continue fostering but if that doesn’t happen soon I will be joining the “foster failure” club too.  And I’ll be doing it with pride.

Know any particularly funny or awesome “foster failure” stories?  I’d love to hear them!

Houston, we have saved the kitties…and found a dog.

After searching, calling, emailing, and praying for the last week I finally found a rescue that was able to take in the kittens that were found!

While it was fun having these little fuzzies at my house to play with, it is a huge relief to have found somewhere for them to go.  Maggie (who is still available for adoption!) was being tormented out of her mind by them.  She would sit and stare at the door that the kittens were behind for hours straight.  She wanted to eat play with them so bad!  If I put her in my bedroom while playing with them this was her reaction:

On a different note, because I can never take a breathe it seems, a friend found a little dog here in town.  She is the sweetest thing ever, weighs about 35lbs and gets along beautifully with his dogs (where she is staying until we find her family).  If you recognize her please let me know, we would like to reunite her with her family as soon as possible!  Here is the little cutie:

It seems my blog that was suppose to be about fostering has turned more into a blog about my adventures trying to rescue animals in general.  It is truly baffling how many animals there are roaming the streets or in shelters that die every single day.  I know I wasn’t as aware of it before I got so involved in rescue but I still don’t understand how there are so many people out there continuing to backyard breed and add to the already extreme over-population problem.  How do they not know about how bad it is?  And what I really don’t understand are the people that contact our rescue that want to give up their dog.  It’s heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time.  I actually have to call a person back right now that is trying to get us to take their dog.  This is by far my least favorite thing to do.  Sigh–someone’s gotta do it, right?

Baby Kittens too?

That’s right folks, now I’m on to caring for baby kittens.  I swear, I don’t go looking for more animals, they just find me!

Ok, so here’s how it happened.  This morning I get a call from a friend asking if the rescue I help with can take in 3 baby kittens.  They were found in a cage behind a Chinese restaurant here in town and her dog does not do well with cats so she needed somewhere to take them.  I explained that the rescue really can’t take them in, there is no one that can foster them, but that I would try and help.

Next thing I know she is standing in my office with a box of the cutest little kittens I’ve ever seen!

While she drove around town to various vet offices that might be able to help I got on the phone and starting calling people and also emailing every organization I could find.  So far, no luck, but I am hopeful that I will hear back from someone soon that can foster these babies until they get adopted.

In the mean time, I will have an incredibly full and ill equipped house.  Since two of my three dogs are not “cat friendly” the kittens will have to stay in my spare bedroom until I can find someone that wants to adopt/foster them.  If you happen to know of anyone in the market for some adorable little kitties (two black ones and a brown one that has a bobtail – all are super fluffy and have beautiful blue eyes) please please please send them my way!  And please, don’t turn me over to the hoarding authorities–I swear, I won’t take in any more for awhile.

Montage of Maggie

Maggie is still a little camera shy but when I just have my phone out I am able to sometimes snap a few quick pictures.  She is just such a goof and, in hopes of trying to help others see that, I am going to share some of my not-so-great phone pictures.  Excited for a montage of Maggie?  Here goes!

Sometimes she is sweet and snuggly:

Sometimes she goes for car rides with friends:

Sometimes she lays like a frog:

Sometimes she is a wrestling champ:

Lots of times she lays ON Buddy or Tag:

She is also very modest:

And sometimes, Maggie is just plain evil:

Wasn’t that fun?  These are just a sampling of the many sides of Maggie I get to see on a daily basis.

She fits in so well with my two dogs that it’s hard to imagine not having her around if she were to get adopted but there are also so many dogs that need foster homes that I am still hoping someone perfect will come in and swoop up Maggie.  Sure, I’ll miss her goofiness (that’s a word, right?) but I also want to save so many more and right now four is probably a little too many for my small space.  Cross your fingers that someone great comes along for Maggie.  Or better yet, share her story with some friends.  You just never know when someone might be looking for a pint sized pittie like my Maggie!