Annie aka The Sweetest Dog Alive

So, I know this blog is suppose to be about my fostering adventures but since things are are pretty uneventful at my house right now I figure I might as well keep everyone up to date on my mom’s new foster: Annie!

When I first told everyone about Annie last week I failed to mention a key component of the whole story.  Annie wasn’t actually tied under the house.  I think that she was waiting for her family to come back for her.  She had the ability to leave and chose not to.  Instead she chose to live in the dirt, under a house, without food and water, being eaten alive herself by fleas and mosquitos–because that’s where her family was suppose to be and she believed they would come for her.   If this doesn’t speak volumes to the love and devotion that a dog can have for it’s people, I truly don’t know what does.

So how is she now you ask?  Well, little Miss Annie is just about the sweetest dog that has ever graced the face of this Earth.  She walks around my moms house, tail wagging, doing that cute little butt wiggle, with a huge grin on her face.  You can just tell she is so happy.  She wants to be right next my either my mom or her dog Tess (who is a 12 year old Lab and also just about the sweetest thing you could ever meet) which isn’t surprising considering how she came to live with my mom.

Just look at that smile!  It’s no wonder she has won my heart, my mom’s, and the rest of the girls that have met her in the rescue.  All Annie wanted was love and now that she’s got it she is as happy as a clam.  She shows no signs of resentment or fear or anything like that even though she has every reason to.  Instead, she’s just as happy as happy can be!

Annie is starting to heal and already looks so much better with just a bath and regular meals.  She has a pretty severe skin infection and is taking antibiotics for that right now along with a de-wormer.  The vet said we will need to wait to do the x-ray and to start heartworm treatment until she is stronger.  Even though she doesn’t really use her back leg at all she still manages to romp around when they go outside.

So far we have raised a little over $700 for her medical care but we still need at least another $800 (and we are really hoping it doesn’t go beyond that) for her expenses.  It’s not really my style, nor what I intended this blog to be about, but I’m going to ask for more donations anyways.  I want to do every little thing I can to help Annie and right now this is what she needs more than anything.  If you can and are willing to donate, even if it’s $5, it will be SO appreciated.

Thank you so much and please keep praying for her continued improvement!

2 thoughts on “Annie aka The Sweetest Dog Alive

  1. Just a quick update on Annie, she loves english muffins lathered in peanut butter!!! She is doing very well, her skin is healing and she is continuing to walk for short periods of time on her back leg! She’s such a sweet girl, she really requires nothing but kind words and love.

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