Little Orphan Annie

This past Friday night I had a mission.  It was simple, find and bring home a little abandoned dog.  Turns out this little dog stole a big piece of my heart.

Earlier in the week the rescue I work with received an email from someone in Colorado asking for our help.  She works for a mortgage company and an inspector of theirs called her to tell her that while inspecting a house he saw a little dog that appeared to be tied underneath it.  He asked her to help and, through the wonderful Internet, she found us.

After work on Friday my brother and I loaded up the supplies that we thought we would need–water, treats, a leash, blankets, and a knife to cut the rope–put the address in my handy-dandy iPhone and hopped on the interstate.  About 45 minutes later we were driving around the country side (Chatahoochee, FL to be exact) and searching for the house.  When we pulled up it looked completely abandoned and I was sure that we had just gone on a wild goose chase.

After circling the house and calling out for a dog but seeing and hearing nothing my brother crawled and looked through a gap in the mess that was surrounding the bottom of the house.  “I see something!”  He whispered after his eyes adjusted.  I told him to back out and let me try since the dog might be scared of men.  After crawling in, holding treats out, and talking really slow and soft I finally saw a little white head poke up from the dirt.  She was about 5 yards back in but I could see her little tail wagging.  She struggled to get up but, after much coaxing, she finally limped towards me.

When she finally got close enough to take a treat out of my head, instead of doing so, she bowed her head down so that it touched my hand.  She was so clearly starved for food but even more than that, she was starved for love.  I slipped a leash over her head and it still took a while (and lots of treats) but she finally crawled through the hole and out into the sunlight.  The way she squinted it was obvious that she had not seen sunlight in days.

As soon as I was able to really see her I started crying.  This poor little dog was in the worst shape of any dog I had ever seen.  She had barely any fur, was completely covered in fleas and sores, had obviously given birth at least once but probably multiple times, and wasn’t using one of her back legs at all.  What did she do?  Look up at me and give me kisses.  Here she was, sick, in pain, and clearly the victim of a long rough life, but she wanted to show me affection.  She had every reason not to, but she wanted the love of a human.

My brother drove us back to town and she cuddled in my lap the whole way.  We took her to the house of a lady that is also part of the rescue, Dana, where she had a little sun room all set up for her.  We gave her a Capstar which kills all the fleas within a few minutes, food, water, and a big comfy bed to lay on.

Later that night she got a bath and Dana sat and talked to her.  She just much more interested in being cuddled and loved than even the food.  Over the weekend she continued to perk up some and this morning she had what could potentially be her first ever vet visit.  She is full of worms, high heartworm positive, has a severe skin infection, and as for her leg, we don’t know yet.  They made the decision to wait on xraying her because they just felt it would be too much stress for her.

Above you can see how much better she looks after just a bath.  Her little tail never stops wagging.  We think she has some Dalmation in her–look at those cute spots!

We decided to name her Annie, like Little Orphan Annie.  She has already stolen the hearts of everyone in the rescue, including me–big time!  She will stay at Dana’s for about another week and then she is actually going to go my mom’s!  Yup, that’s right, my mom is going to foster her!  I’m so excited because this means I will still get to see her and watch her heal but it also means there is a chance my mom will “foster fail” and keep her (fingers crossed).

Just the other day I was so down about how awful people can be but just look at how this turned out.  Someone all the way in Colorado took the time out of their day to find us and together we were able to save this precious life.  Annie has probably never known a kind word or touch but she is finally safe and going to get more love than she ever dreamed of.

If you would like to make a donation to help with what surely will be hefty medical bills it would be GREATLY appreciated.  This is the link to make donations:  (Donations are tax deductable too!)

Little Annie, get ready for all the lovin you can handle!

4 thoughts on “Little Orphan Annie

  1. The family who rescues together, stays together. 🙂 I just had to email this link to my sister, brother, and Mom, who have all helped me with similar rescue missions through the years. I am proud of you for taking the initiative and going to get her yourself and not waiting for someone else to help her. In fact, the whole VanSickle family is rooting for Annie and thanking you, your brother, and your Mom for helping her in such a desperate time.

    • Erin you are just the sweetest! I didn’t even think about it but you’re totally right, this has turned into quite a little family event. I feel like there are so many people rooting for Annie that she will be just fine. An overdose of love is just what the Dr ordered!

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