Dash: Update!

Remember my little baby Dash?  Well he now goes by the big, dignified name of Dashington Aristophanes Leonard.  Above is a picture of him with his new momma, Nikki, at a trip to the vet.

I have been rather frustrated and down lately in regards to rescue stuff.  It just seems to be one thing after another.  People that are moving and can’t keep their dog.  Or they adopted a dog and don’t like how it’s acting.  Or it’s more expensive than they thought.  Or it was their parents but they can’t care for it anymore.  Each and every one of these “cases” weighs very heavily on me and I get so upset.  I realized recently that I have lost site of why I do what I do.  So, to remind myself that I have done some good, I decided it was time to do a happy little update on Dash.

Above is Dash with one of his foster brothers.  Nikki tells me that they are all learning to live and play together nicely.  Dash is much bigger than the other two boys (also rescues that Nikki took in before she married Zack) in the house but they have adjusted to his rambunctous puppy ways and now can even be found snuggling on occasion,

Dash is up to 35lbs, walks well on the leash, is learning tricks, and loves to play fetch.  He is also quite the daddy’s boy and get a very “forlorn” look when Zack leaves.

Of course, he is still a little naughty (hey, he IS a puppy afterall).  At first they had some issues with him marking around the house but since he has been fixed that has nearly stopped.  He also figured out how to open his crate and exploded a pillow all over their house one day.  Here is Dash on the bed where he belongs is NOT suppose to be:

Dash is very social, a fast runner, a cuddle bug, and a wonderful addition to their family, and from where I stand most importantly: alive!  In Nikki’s words, “He completes my trifecta”.

Moral of this story?  Even though I get upset over the ones I can’t save, I have played a part (sometimes small and sometimes big) in saving many and I need to remind myself of that more often.  So happy life my little Dash baby!

4 thoughts on “Dash: Update!

  1. He’s allowed on the bed now 🙂 Although, daddy hasn’t seen it yet, but he ate a pillowcase today while being allowed on the bed, lol.

  2. Excellent work Morgan, you are making a huge difference. And the Lord above appreciates all you do. Hang in there baby !!!


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