Just call me “mom”!

I have always jokingly called myself a “dog mom” and then bit my tongue when people respond with, “When you have real kids one day you’ll understand what it’s like to be a real mom.”  Well, I have to say, I’m a little tired of that response.

I AM a real mom.  Ask my dogs.  Ask my friends.  Ask MY mom.  They will all tell you, I am a mom.

To me, a mom is someone that protects fiercely, worries constantly, teaches, guides, and nurtures daily,  brags to anyone that will listen, and most of all loves unconditionally.  If you do all of these things, you ARE a mom.  The same way someone that adopts a child is a real mom or dad, I am a mom to my dogs.

Over the last week all of my dogs have come down with a mystery illness which is causing them to have rather upset tummies.  I have gotten them checked out and gotten the proper medicine but all the vet can say is “they have an over abundance of bad bacteria” and can’t really tell me any more than that.  Just like I suspect any mom would do, I’ve been racking my brain trying to think what could have caused it, what I did wrong, and just worrying in general about them.

Thankfully, I have seen a huge improvement since I got them started on meds and everyone seems to be back to normal but them all being sick is what prompted me to think a little more about the definition of “mom” and the fact that I absolutely am one.

I know that I will probably get bashed for this by some “real” mom’s out there and maybe when I do have “real” kids my feelings will be even stronger for them, but they’ll be the same feelings I already have for my dogs.  It’s hard to imagine feeling any stronger though. Would I jump in front of a bus to save one of my dogs?  You bet.  Would I go hungry so they could eat?  You know it.  Would I do every single thing in my power to give them the best possible life?  Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, YES!

I think my fellow dog owning friends would agree–we are all mom’s and dad’s!  What do you think?  Do you share my ‘crazy’ love for your own dogs?

26 thoughts on “Just call me “mom”!

  1. Love the pics of Dashington! and all the puppis 🙂 I don’t have “real” kids yet either, but I know how much I love our 3 dogs, and what I would do for them to be happy and healthy, and I think you are a real mom. I love your adoption analogy, and while,yes, I’m sure the feeling from birthing a child is special and unlike any other, Zack and I’s family is strong and special right now, and I adore our “kids” and you for all you do and the love you share 🙂

  2. Oh also, atleast ‘real’ kids can at some point tell you what is bothering them. With our furbabies, you need to figure it out – and its harrowing when you cannot 😦

    • Thank you! I always say this and people act like I’m crazy. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with mine and I would give ANYthing to at least know they aren’t in pain (fortunately they’re acting total normal so I don’t think they are).

  3. I really love what you said and want to share a few things from my own experience. I’ve always had dog(s) and love them like crazy. My mom said to me, “Oh, you think you love them but wait until you have a child of your own”. When I finally got pregnant(for the first time) at the age of 43, Tim and I had 3 furkids. I was shocked at how many people asked what I was going to do with my dogs since I was going to have a baby! Like I was going to give those 3 “babies” up??? No way! I was on bed rest for 7 weeks and my daughter was born 13 weeks early, but I never entertained the thought of giving up my dogs. I am always shocked at how many people want to rehome a pet just because they are having a baby. Having a child in no way lessened the love I have for my dogs.

    • Wow, Jill. I think I love YOU right now! You are wonderful, I bet that was really hard. I can’t even fathom giving up one of my babies either, it’s so sad (disgusting really) how many people are so willing to throw away a family member.

  4. I totally agree! I have stayed up all night with my furkids whenever they are sick. I have had sleepless nights because one of my dogs is terrified of thunderstorms. I have dog and cat toys scattered around the house and backyard. I am always thinking about them before I even think of myself. They always come first! So yeah, I AM a mom!

  5. Good for you! My dogs are my family and I treat them as such. That means I come straight home from work instead of going out with friends. I get up in the middle of the night if necessary. I pay vet bills. I select dog-proof flooring and furniture. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Dogs are lucky to have you as their advocate!

    • Thank you so much! I do all of the things you mentioned (and more, like I’m sure you do too lol) and it’s just so sad more people don’t share our view on our dogs (and cats, and horses, and hampsters) being family members too! I don’t expect everyone to say they are a “mom” too – but at least treat your babies the way all of us do!

  6. Yes, Morgan, you are a Great MOM and not a nut case! I have seen you not eat to feed your dogs, put yourself in danger to save an animal….you are the definition of MOM regardless of whether we’re talking furbabies or human beings!

  7. You ARE a mom and someday, if you so choose, you will be a mom to children as well. I have had dogs, then had kids and dogs, and now that my kids are grown, I have dogs again. All are beloved. All that you have described in your blog – all the actions you have taken and responses to situations are maternal and nurturing qualities. I know cause I am a Mom. And you ARE a mom and you are a WONDERFUL mom! The world is surely better because of you!!!

  8. I am what they call a ‘real mom’ with 2 girls I adore. Those people are wrong. It does not change the deep love I have for my four legged children. I am a devoted mom to them. Those people who say wait till you have real kids just don’t get it and I feel sorry for them.

    • I know what you mean, I can’t help but think that the people who disagree are missing out because they can’t possibly love and be as happy with their dogs as we are if they don’t share the same feelings. But then again, I suppose I could be wrong, who knows?

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  10. I agree with your definition of Mom. Just because someone bears a child does not make them a Mom. Caring and nurturing of a human or animal being does make you a Mom. My kids have told me I love my dogs more than I love them. Haha (I think)


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