Dash goes to his Permanent home

Well, I did it!  I officially handed over my first foster dog to his permanent, forever home.  I am so lucky that it was to friends of ours and I know I will be able to see him again.  They already have two little dogs and Dash is going to fit right in.

There were a lot of people (including myself if we are being honest) that were expecting me to “foster fail” and keep him but I managed to say bye.  I expected to cry like a baby but actually held it together and only got a little choked up after they pulled away from my house.  I have to be honest though, it was hard.  Really hard.

I decided to look at it this way:  If I kept Dash there was no way that I would be able to take in another foster, my house is just too small for four dogs.  By closing the door to future fosters I would essentially be done with saving dogs.  Sure, I could (and would) continue to volunteer but I would no longer be able to physically take in a dog from sure death and give it a chance at life.  For me, knowing that I could save many more lives outweighs the short-term sadness of saying goodbye.

What I hear all the time is “I could never do it, I could never give it away” and honestly, this is how I felt for years and years which is why I never attempted to foster before now.  But just look at how happy Dash is.  And how happy I know Zack and Nikki are to have him be a part of their family.  This, combined with the knowledge that I now get to save another one, makes it worth it.

There is already another dog that I have heard of that needs a home and I, along with the rescue I work with, will be making a decision very soon so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Dash goes to his Permanent home

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