Big News!

So I have been waiting to share the big news until I knew everything was finalized but now that it is: Dash is getting adopted!  That’s right, just shy of three weeks after being swept out of the “shelter” on the very day his little life was scheduled to be ended, Dash has found his permanent forever family.

When I found out that I would be getting Dash I immediately thought of a couple that we are friends with.  They have two small dogs and had been talking about getting a bigger dog after their wedding when they had more time for another one.  Both grew up with larger dogs and they felt they were at the place in their lives where they could get another one.  I remembered that they liked American Bulldogs so of course when I saw Dash I thought of them.

It took a little persistence on Nikki’s part but within a few days her hubby, Zack, was sold on the idea as well.  They filled out an application and after a few days (even though it felt like months) the president of the rescue gave the green light.  Zack and Nikki are officially getting Dash!

I couldn’t imagine a better way to send off my first foster baby than to friends.  It’s perfect, I’ll still get to see him (even though he will be living a few hours away) and I know that he is going a good home.  Stay tuned for more!


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