Excuse me while I brag

So, I briefly mentioned before how I was concerned about getting a male as a foster because my male dog has a bit of the whole “alpha male” thing going on and I was concerned that he wouldn’t tolerate having another male in “his” house.  I decided to take a chance on Dash since he was so young and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazed I am at the way Buddy has handled having him with us!  Just look at the picture above, Dash is trying to take the ball right out of Buddy’s mouth.  I would have expected this to elicit at least a warning growl, maybe a snarl, maybe even a snap–nope!  Buddy just let’s him do it.

Dash can often be found harassing Buddy in ways like the picture below where he is digging at Buddy’s side, trying to get at whatever it is Buddy happens to be laying on.  Mind you, he could fit Dash’s entire head in his mouth if he wanted to but nope, the biggest reaction from Buddy is a look like the one below.  (Feel free to insert your own funny version of what he is thinking.)

Moral of this story?  I did not give Buddy nearly enough credit.  I will probably still try to either get younger males or females after Dash is gone but it sure is nice knowing that I under estimated Buddy’s ability to share “his” house!


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