No more medicines!

I am happy to report that today Dash had his last dose of medicine for the yucky Coccidia.  Granted, he seemed perfectly healthy after a couple of days (just like the vet said he would) but still, it’s nice to know that he is definitely past that.

Making sure that Dash is perfectly healthy is important because, obviously I want all dogs to be happy and healthy, but also because I want to be able to say with 100% confidence to anyone that may be interested in adopting him that he is healthy and good to go.  For some people the prospect of just getting a dog is scary enough but they can’t even fathom dealing with a dog with any sort of illness.  Now, even though Coccidia really wasn’t a big deal at all (I literally just gave him one pill a day for 10 days) it sounds intimidating and when I mentioned it to some people I noticed that they seemed less interested.  So, in conclusion: healthy dog = more adoptable dog!

How would you react if you were interested in adopting a dog but learned that he had an illness (serious or minor)?  Comment and let me know!


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