Kong’s rule, other toys drool.

Ok, so other toys don’t really drool but Kong’s have taken over as a favorite in my house.  I never bought them in the past (because, well, I’m cheap) but I decided to when I found out I was getting a foster puppy.  I spent some time reading up on all the things that I hadn’t had to deal with in years, like potty training and crate training, and noticed that everyone was raving about Kong’s and how helpful they are with crate training.  I decided it was worth it to invest in some (I couldn’t just get one for the puppy, that would be mean!) and I have been so glad that I did.

Every morning I fill the Kong’s with some peanut butter and a little bit of food then stick it in the freezer until it’s time for me to leave.  I have red Kong’s for my two dogs and then a greenish one for Dash.  As soon as he sees me pull the Kong out of the freezer he goes and runs to his crate.

The first few days that I had him I would leave little treats in the crate so that when he wandered by he would find them and it would be a positive “surprise”.  Teaching your puppy that the crate is his special place is very important, you don’t want them to have any negative feeling towards the crate because it will make training them much more difficult and an all around negative experience for both of you.  Never, ever, ever use the crate for punishment.

I also feed Dash all of his meals in his crate and as soon as he sees me get his food out he runs right to it.  Every time he gets all four feet in the crate I say “kennel” and “good boy”.  He now knows that even if I don’t have food or his Kong, if I say “kennel” it means that he needs to get in his crate.  I’m not sure why I call it a “kennel” to him and “crate” when talking to other people but I suppose that’s beside the point.

Ultimately, I am really happy with my decision to buy the Kong’s–they are not only a great toy that is fun and mentally stimulating for the pups but they really have helped with the crate training process.  Do you have any crate training tips?  Comment and share them with me!

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