Dash gets a name!

Gosh, I guess I spoiled that surprise.  Dash sure seems to think I’m funny though, look at him laughing!  Isn’t he a doll?  Originally he was called Sonic by the “shelter” workers but we just didn’t really like that (and wanted to get rid of all reminders of his not-so-great past) so we started brainstorming ideas and Rich came up with Dash.  It’s pretty perfect for his little personality so it was settled–Dash he is.  And isn’t he dashing?  Ok, sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Over the weekend Dash got to meet my pups and continue adjusting to life in a real home. I loved seeing him come out of his shell and learn more about his personality.  He really is a lover and wants to be right by you–except when he is sleeping.  Sometimes he wants to cuddle and sleep next to you but more often than not he would go flop down on the other couch to catch his zzz’s.

One thought on “Dash gets a name!

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