Just a little disclaimer

In no way do I claim to be an expert–on anything.  While I have grown up with dogs, and like to consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in all things dog related, I have no official training of any sort–so please, don’t take me too seriously.  This blog is solely intended to share my experiences as a foster mom to dogs in need and hopefully encourage others to consider doing the same.  Remember, when you agree to foster a dog you are really saving two lives.  Not only the dog you are bringing into your home and loving but also the life of a dog that might otherwise not have had a space in the shelter.  So, join me on the journey to save some lives!

3 thoughts on “Just a little disclaimer

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  2. I just looked at the date on this post. And then I looked at the date on my computer. And I’m wondering… did I miss your one year anniversary party? Girl, you should celebrate! This is a big deal, and either I’ve been off the internet too long or you haven’t flaunted it enough (or at all?). =)


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