And it begins…

So, I intended to start this blog before I actually got a foster dog but, well, life happened and I didn’t get around to it.  Since my entire purpose for this blog is to encourage others to foster too I figure I should start at the beginning anways (even if it’s already happened).  Here goes:

After sending in the application to foster, and waiting very anxiously for a reply, I got an email asking if I would be interested in fostering a little puppy that only had a few days left at the shelter before he was scheduled to be put down.  The president of the rescue that I am working with was worried because the puppy was a male and I said on my application that I would prefer females (one of my dogs, Buddy, has a bit of the “I’m-a-big-shot-alpha-male” thing going on and generally prefers females).  I knew that Buddy would be fine with such a young dog so I immediately said ‘yes’!

I was going to get my first foster dog that Saturday and I realized I needed a few things before my house was really “puppy ready” so I made a list and headed to the store.  Of course I would need puppy food, more toys, training treats, and by far the most important: a crate.  Having a crate is essential to house-training and many dogs still like to hang out in them even once they are older and have free reign of the house (which is the case with my two dogs).  I could have gotten all of this stuff for free from the rescue that I am working with but I decided since I can afford it I would rather buy these items myself (yay tax deduction) so that the rescue could give them to someone who couldn’t afford them.

The night before the puppy was scheduled to arrive we set all the stuff up in the house and had a serious talk with the dogs.  Afterall, they were going to be big foster brothers and sisters to the puppy and it was important that they understood that they needed to be on their best behavior!  This puppy was going to be learning a lot from them and I wanted to make sure that he learned as many good manners as possible so that he could find a forever home fast.

All that was left was to wait!


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